Soothing radiance: How to buy a table lamp

Whether you go to bed with a book or just loves the idea of sporting the perfect table lamp for some lovely nights in ambient light, it’s definitely a must that bring out the beauty of the room and adds fullness to it. However, picking the right table lamp though, is quite confusing at times. With the millions varieties you get all dressed up so gorgeously, it’s inherent that you could ignore the functionality aspect, altogether. So here is a guide to buying the right table lamp and getting the best of both worlds ( also check our 40 of The Most Creative Lamp Designs Ever post).

#1 The appropriate size

Your lamp has to complement the table it stands on, rather than stick out as a complete oddity. That’s exactly why you need to pick one that fits in perfectly and blends well with the dimensions of the space around. If the table is narrow and thin, then pick a stick lamp and if it is large and broad then experiment with the larger umbrella-styled lamps.

#2 Match your interiors

Your interiors would already sport a certain theme or style, so the lamp has to go with the flow. If you have a classic and traditional-styled interior, then go for wood or metal as the base. The modern look can be achieved using more plastic and resin materials. The color and the design must go with the mood of the room and the rest of the accessories.

#3 The shades

Ensure that the width of the lower brim is not too broad as this would direct most of the light just downwards onto the table and that the lower brim width will define the light distribution pattern. Try getting shades that you can swap to offer variety and ensure that they are made of fine quality material.

#4 The length of the table lamp

If it’s too short, then your shoulder will block all the light. Sounds like a minor detail, but ignore it at your own peril. If you are reading a book at night, you might want to read it by resting on your pillow comfortably rather than sitting at the table, isn’t it? If the map is too long, then it will distribute light to greater distance and might disturb the sleep of someone else. All the more reason why you should get the length right!

#5 The switch and even LED lighting

Now that electronics have developed in leaps and bounds, today you can have a traditional chain-styled switch, a socket at the base or even a remote if you are too lazy to even move your arm. Oh and you want to stay “green” you can even have a LED light bulb instead of the traditional bulb for better efficiency.

Buying a table lamp is both a matter of style and substance. Before you bring it home, check for the maximum wattage as you cannot use a bulb that exceeds the maximum mark. Follow these simple tips and the next time you go out to buy a table lamp you will sure spend the nights with better lighting…


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