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Bangalore Property Market: Trend Analysis and Insights for April 2024

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Analyzing the Recent Trends in New Home Launches and Prices


Villas in Bangalore Witness Price Surge Amidst New Home Launch Slowdown


The real estate landscape is ever-changing, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Atopy Ventures, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive analyses of market trends, equipping our clients and partners with the knowledge they need. Today, we explore the latest developments in new home launches and pricing trends across the top seven Indian cities, focusing specifically on the Bangalore property market for April 2024.


A Decline in New Housing Supply


April 2024 marked a decline in new housing supply, with launches dipping by 10% compared to the previous month across the seven major cities. Despite this short-term drop, new launches have risen by 15% year-on-year. However, the numbers are still 17% below the pre-pandemic levels of April 2019, indicating a slow yet steady recovery.


Escalating Home Prices


The mismatch between supply and demand has naturally led to an escalation in home prices. In the top seven cities, home prices have surged between 5% and 40%. This upward trend underscores the high demand for housing, even as supply struggles to keep pace.


City-Specific Market Dynamics


  • Hyderabad: Recorded the steepest decline in new housing supply with a 55% reduction in April.

  • Pune: Also saw a significant decrease, with supply falling by 24%.

  • National Capital Region (NCR): Stood out with a remarkable 40% year-on-year increase in prices.

  • Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR): Showed resilience with a 71% month-on-month rise in new launches and a 7% price increase.

  • Bangalore Property Market: Experienced a 20% increase in home prices, driven by strong demand, particularly for villas in Bangalore.

  • Kolkata: New launches were halved compared to March, marking a 10% year-on-year drop.


Diverse Demand and Supply Dynamics


The dynamics of demand and supply vary widely among cities. For example, the MMR saw a substantial increase in new launches, buoyed by strong development initiatives, whereas cities like Hyderabad and Pune experienced declines. Strict enforcement of rules by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) across states has significantly influenced these market trends.


Future Prospects: What to Expect


Looking ahead, the real estate sector appears to be in a phase of gradual catch-up. Many regions are seeing price hikes driven by both pent-up demand from the pandemic period and current robust demand. The regulatory environment, spearheaded by RERA, continues to play a crucial role in shaping the volume and pace of new launches.


At Kanopy Ventures, we are committed to navigating these market dynamics with strategic insight and innovative solutions. Our focus is on sustainable development, ensuring that we meet market demand while promoting long-term growth and environmental stewardship.


Stay tuned for further market insights and updates as we continue to monitor and analyze the shifting real estate landscape.



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