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"Rising Above: Prestige Group's Remarkable Journey and Vision for FY24"

"Portrait of Irfan Razack, the visionary founder of Prestige Group, in a formal attire."
"Irfan Razack: The Architect of Prestige Group's Legacy. Building dreams, one brick at a time."

Prestige Group's Stellar Q4 Performance: A Deep Dive into Their Success and Vision for FY24

The Indian real estate sector has witnessed its fair share of ups and downs, but certain industry stalwarts have consistently managed to shine through the challenges. One such name that stands out is the Prestige Group. In a recent conversation on CNBCTV18, Mr. Irfan Razack, the Chairman and Managing Director of Prestige Group, provided a comprehensive overview of their Q4 performance and the roadmap ahead for FY24.

Record-Breaking Achievements in FY23

The Prestige Group concluded the fiscal year 2023 on a high note, registering all-time high bookings, sales, and collections. The company reported a remarkable 28% YoY surge in pre-sales. This growth was not just in numbers but also reflected in the quality of sales, with a significant shift towards the luxury home segment. Such a performance in a competitive market speaks volumes about the group's strategic planning and execution.

Expanding Footprint in Mumbai

Mumbai, often termed as the city of dreams, has always been a lucrative market for real estate developers. Recognizing the potential, the Prestige Group has been steadily increasing its visibility in prime Mumbai locations like Mahalakshmi, Marine Lines, and Worli. Their recent strategic acquisition of full ownership in two significant projects further cements their position in the Mumbai real estate landscape.

A Commitment That Goes Beyond Brick and Mortar

While numbers and acquisitions are essential, what truly sets Prestige Group apart is their unwavering commitment to their customers. Mr. Razack emphasized the importance of delivering on promises. The group's primary focus remains on completing ongoing projects and ensuring that every customer's home-buying journey is smooth and satisfying.

Looking Ahead: The Vision for FY24

As the Prestige Group sets its sights on the next fiscal year, their strategy is clear - to continue their legacy of excellence and to further strengthen their position in the market. With a robust plan in place and a track record of consistent performance, the future looks incredibly promising for the Prestige Group and its stakeholders.


In conclusion, the Prestige Group's journey is a testament to what visionary leadership, combined with a dedicated team and a clear strategy, can achieve. As they march into FY24, the real estate industry will undoubtedly be watching closely, anticipating more milestones and successes.

For more insights and detailed discussions, you can watch the full conversation of Mr. Irfan Razack on CNBCTV18 [here](

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