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From Furniture to Real Estate Giant: The Inspiring Journey of Farook Mahmood By Kanopy Ventures

"Illustration of an Indian figure soaring in the sky with people below saluting, representing Farook Mahmood's ascendant journey in real estate."
"Farook Mahmood: An Iconic Journey that Inspires and Elevates.

In the bustling city of Bangalore, known for its tech innovations and entrepreneurial spirit, there's a na

me that resonates with trust, dedication, and perseverance: Farook Mahmood. Kanopy Ventures takes immense pleasure in chronicling the story of a man who transformed the real estate landscape through sheer determination and an impeccable work ethic.

Humble Beginnings

Born into a prominent business family that boasts a two-century-old lineage from Gujarat's Kutch region, Farook began his career in a way few would have expected. In 1979, he joined the family's furniture business, the Furniture House Agency—a move many see as a safe bet, a predictable step. But Farook had other plans.

A Passion Ignited

After a few years in the furniture business, Farook's vision expanded beyond timber and upholstery. He recognized the potential of the booming real estate market in Bangalore. With the spirit of an entrepreneur, he diversified into realms like real estate broking, property investments, and land banking.

Challenges That Forged a Titan

Like any venture, the road was riddled with challenges. A memory that stands out is a rigorous 20 km cycle ride to inspect a property in Whitefield. After all his efforts, he faced a setback as the client and landlord knew each other, resulting in a reduced commission. Instead of letting the disappointment weigh him down, Farook took it as a lesson. Another transformative encounter was assisting a teacher in buying an apartment with her life savings. The gratitude she expressed, combined with her referrals, were the winds beneath Farook's wings. These experiences laid the foundation for Silverline Realty Pvt Ltd.

Silverline Realty: A Trust Built Over Years

Farook's enterprise grew leaps and bounds with an unyielding commitment to his clients, so much so that his brother, Zahid Mahmood, joined him. Their combined efforts led to clients from various parts of the country flocking to Silverline Realty Pvt Ltd.

Beyond Business: A Heart of Gold

Farook's achievements aren't limited to his professional endeavors. He established the Silverline Foundation, a beacon of hope, offering scholarships and medical assistance to those less privileged.

A Global Ambassador of Indian Realty

The milestones kept coming. Farook co-founded the Bangalore Realtors Association of India and later the National Association of Realtors India. His vision was more comprehensive than just India. He played pivotal roles in the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and FIABCI.

A Man of Principles

The secret to Farook's monumental success? It's his belief in professionalism, dedication, and transparency. He created a legacy that will inspire generations by placing client trust above all else and offering unbiased advice.

Achievements of Mr. Farook Mahmood

International Stint with FIABCI

As the World President of the FIABCI International Real Estate Federation for 2017-18, Mr. Mahmood led the institution which boasts a legacy of 68 years and has its headquarters in Paris. With members spread across 65 countries, FIABCI stands as a formidable network of real estate professionals. It has a vast reach, including 100 professional associations, 65 academic institutions, and 3,000 individual members. The organization also anticipates crossing a million associate members soon.

FIABCI's prestigious World Prix d’Excellence Awards is often dubbed as the "Oscars of the Real Estate" industry. Developers from India, under the guidance of leaders like Mr. Mahmood, have frequently clinched these awards.

Leadership in FIABCI-India

Closer home, Mr. Mahmood has been instrumental as the President of the FIABCI-INDIA Chapter since November 2015. This chapter aims to bring global real estate practices and standards to India.

Service to the Community with NAWADCO

His appointment as a Director at NATIONAL WAQF DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED (NAWADCO) underlines his commitment to community development, especially for Muslims in India. This initiative aims at the upliftment of Wakf properties and overall community welfare.

Advocacy in International Real Estate with FNAIM

As an International Adviser of FNAIM, Mr. Mahmood represents India in the French federation of Realtors. His advice is sought among a select group of international leaders.

Commitment to Education with Al-Ameen

His role as the Honorary Vice Chairman of Al-Ameen Education Society highlights his commitment to education. Under his guidance, the institution manages over 150 educational establishments catering to 30,000 students across India.

Contribution to Think Tanks and Global Organizations

Mr. Mahmood's influence isn't just limited to real estate transactions. He is a Founder Member of the Global Real Estate Think Tank in France. His association with prestigious bodies like the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors indicates his commitment to elevating industry standards globally.

Leadership in Indian Real Estate Associations

Back home, as the Past President & Governing Board member of the Bangalore Realtors Association - India and Founder President & Vice Chairman of the National Association of Realtors - India (NAR-India), he has been instrumental in shaping real estate brokerage practices, emphasizing ethics, transparency, and accountability.

Entrepreneurial Ventures with Silverline Realty

Beyond these prestigious appointments, Mr. Mahmood is the Chairman & Managing Director of Silverline Realty (P) Ltd, a company that specializes in a gamut of real estate services.

In essence, Mr. Farook Mahmood's achievements and contributions span across a spectrum of areas within the real estate sector and beyond. His work ethic, dedication, and vision have not only shaped the Indian real estate industry but have also made a significant impact on the global stage. Truly, he is a beacon for aspiring realtors and professionals everywhere.

Kanopy Ventures feels privileged to share this awe-inspiring journey. Farook Mahmood's story is a testament to what unwavering dedication and a clear vision can achieve. Through his trajectory, he has not only carved a niche for himself but also uplifted many along the way, making him a true icon in real estate.

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